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The Krumgold Brothers

Slash Recs for All Intents and Purposes

Slash Recs for All Intents and Purposes
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Once upon a time, there were two friends named Twitch and Aye. They lived side by side in little holes in the internet, and led happily bizarre lives that included such phrases as "the smell of spart!!" and "lamppost got you burninated!" They were content with their small world, and asked for nothing more.

But one day, they stumbled upon a mysterious manuscript, of unknown quality and origin.

"What is this?" asked Aye.

"I haven't a clue," said Twitch.

And so they read. And read and read and read and kept reading, until they finally reached The End.

"Oh, wow," said Aye.

"Hoom," said Twitch.

"Let's find more!" they cried.

And thus did they discover fanfiction.


The recommendations listed below are the property of their respective authors, with whom the Krumgold Brothers are not affiliated in any way (except for really, really liking their fiction). We make no money from this venture, and have no money anyways, so please don't sue us.


Content on author's pages may be not safe for work or minors and may contain spoilers about the material they concern. Peruse at your own risk and discretion.

of stories are as given by the page on which the story was found.

Author names are based on the author's livejournal or other website identity.

Ratings are based on the rough comparison of the story's content to a film of that rating (as based on the Motion Picture Association of America movie ratings system). They may have been converted from those given on the author's page to the equivalent under the MPAA guide for the sake of uniformity.

If you are the author of one of these stories and prefer your stories to be listed under another title, under a different author name, with a different rating, or simply not at all, please let us know, and we will be happy to comply.


Twitch's recs are provided in the format:

[Title] by [author] (Fandom: [fandom], Pairing(s): [pairing(s) featured in the story, including non-central pairings], Rating: [rating based on equivalent in Motion Picture Association of America ratings system], Status: [number of parts to the fic, i.e. number of different pages onto which the fic is separated], [Complete/Work in Progress/Incomplete])

[link to story or story parts]

[quotation from fic (not always provided)]
[comments on fic (not always provided)]

Generally, Aye's recs are arranged like so:

Title, by Author (Person 1/Person 2, Rating)
a link

Little snippet of Aye's own doing, which will, unfortunately, make you not want to read the fic. Sometimes not provided.

"Quote from the fic, sometimes put in quotations. (The grammar here is a little fuzzy.) Very rarely not provided."


All possible efforts on Twitch's end have been made to include a list of all pairings (of characters not invented by the author of the fic) that are mentioned in the fic, so as to allow readers to avoid certain pairings or situations if they so desire. However, Aye believes that good writing should not be judged on pairings, etc., and so will put only the pairing, or character, that is the focus of the fic.


Terminology and Notes:

A fic described as 'Complete' is one that has been entirely finished by the author, with no future parts pending.

A fic described as 'Work in Progress' is one that is not yet complete, but to which an additional part has been recently posted or has been promised to be posted by the author.

A fic described as 'Incomplete' is one that is not yet complete, and to which additional parts have not recently been posted or promised to be posted by the author.


A character listed as OMC stands for 'Other Male Character,' and is a fictional male character of the author's invention.

Similarly with OFC.

In certain instances when they are not crucial to the plot, OFC/OMC, OFC/OFC, and OMC/OMC pairings have been left out of the list of pairings for a fic.


A rating listed as 'hard' applies to fiction that has content nearly sufficient to warrant the next rating up, but not quite.

A rating listed as 'soft' applies to fiction that has content nearly sufficient to warrant the next rating down, but not quite.

Ratings given as '[rating] - [rating]' indicate that the fic has multiple parts, and that different parts have different ratings, from the rating listed first to the rating listed last.

Feedback is always welcomed – a hello, a flame, a thank you, a request, a recommendation of your own – we love them all! And since we're just starting out, we would love your advice on anything and everything. Thank you for looking at the Krumgold Brothers!