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06 September 2008 @ 12:40 pm
bisy backson  
Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Yamamoto/Gokudera (20)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Yamamoto/Gokudera

More Ways it Could Have Begun by teapoit (Yamamoto/Gokudera, PG-13)

“Pervert,” Gokudera snorts. He’s tilting his head unconsciously to give better access though; eyes Yamamoto with a weighty, considering gaze that tells him the issue’s far from over - but he’s willing to be distracted, for the moment.

2 Hospital Visits by teapoit (Yamamoto/Gokudera, PG-13)

Gokudera is crying into his coke. It’s the first thing Yamamoto notices after the shroud of sleep lifts. He closes his eyes and finds himself floundering, willing himself back into that blissful darkness. He can’t tell if it’s night or morning; there are no windows: only that merciless electric light that bleaches everything white as bone.

4 Things They Should Have Said by teapoit (Yamamoto/Gokudera, PG-13)

Gokudera stares solemnly at him, neither forgiving nor unforgiving, and Yamamoto will never know what the man would say because pictures don't talk and the real thing is dead.

Loose Ends by stargrind (Yamamoto/Gokudera, PG-13)

"Were you waiting too long?" It's just like him to start up a conversation like that, and Gokudera's suddenly reminded how much he didn't like how Yamamoto sounded nowadays. Tired, sad, dead, gone -- he's just like him, just like him.

Bloodlust by midnightdiddle (Yamamoto/Gokudera, PG-13)

Hayato slits his first throat at seventeen. The blood is hot on his hands, hotter than he expected, and the man convulses in Hayato's arms, limbs loose, then rigid, then loose again. Hayato fumbles, hears the knife clatter on the floor, and chokes back a breath.

You Know That Can't Be Bad by demanawaits (Yamamoto/Gokudera, PG-13)

“Where are the others?” Gokudera’s harsh whisper breaks through the dark. Yamamoto knows they’re lying on the floorboards of Tsuna’s room, but he can’t feel the smooth knobs of worn chestnut flat against his back, the irregular splinters pinching in to his back. It’s too dark to do anything else when the lights can’t be turned on.

Attraction by tearstreak (Yamamoto/Gokudera, PG-13)

To Gokudera, his attraction to Yamamoto was like thick smoke and fine gun powder.

Duet by morphaileffect (Yamamoto/Gokudera, R)

People who play musical instruments have a tendency to drum their fingers. When they do this, it's a sign that their guard is down. Sometimes their fingers drum on empty air, sometimes it's on any surface, flat or otherwise. They do it while they're thinking, or when they're trying to remember something, or when their mind is blank and they're busy feeling and their reflexes are kicking in.

Epic Fail by as_it_tastes (Yamamoto/Gokudera, NC-17)

Yamamoto, Gokudera had realized after a week or so, had some strange obsession with fucking him after training. It always started like this - with Yamamoto slamming him against the nearest wall and kissing him breathless

The Morning After by vampirepenguin (Yamamoto/Gokudera, PG-13)

Yamamoto wakes up with the sun in his eyes, automatically fumbling after the alarm clock on the bedside table - he always wakes up thirty seconds before it goes off.

in Italy by Meia (Yamamoto/Gokudera, PG-13)

Gokudera comes downstairs when they're just about done, squinting at the light streaming through the windows as if it's a personal affront, one hand in his hair. He's never been much of a morning person (although it could be argued that he wasn't much of an afternoon or evening person, either), but for Tsuna, he tries.

Losing Streak by anza (Yamamoto/Gokudera, PG-13)

Something is dripping down his thigh, and at first he thinks it’s the mess of brain matter he blew out from one of the enemy that had splattered all over him, but then he realizes it’s his own blood, sinking into the material of his jeans. Another good pair ruined, not that he was complaining – Sawada-Maman said they were all growing so fast, and if only they wouldn’t get hurt so often, then she wouldn’t worry so much.

Haze by teapoit (Yamamoto/Gokudera, PG-13)

He finds, if he thinks too hard about it, it's an easy thing to be defeated by life.

In Danger Of by stargrind (Yamamoto/Gokudera, PG-13)

It's the end of yesterday, and the start of tomorrow. The clock ticks right into the countdown seconds of twelve midnight, ten, nine, eight, seven—wait. There's a heartbeat, and it skips a few chords; it's like learning how to believe all over again, because there it is. Illuminated by a green glow, it's haunting; near ghastly, but the faint traces of white light make it look almost ethereal, surreal—unreal. Fine detail is lost, but he can't miss the traceried windows, the pointed arches, the twin spires, and the majestic façade it's all about. It's a stairway to heaven, to a god that might exist and might not at the same time.

Choking Skywards by paralinguistic (Yamamoto/Gokudera, PG-13)

This is the mafia. This is what the mafia do. They both know it, but Tsuna will never quite know what goes on, here on these streets, in the dark. Yamamoto slides his sword out of the man's body, gives Gokudera a look as he leans against the wall, lights a cigarette, breathes in nicotine. He has been ready for this life since he was young. This was always what he'd wanted to become. It was just that some nights, he wasn't always sure why.

B r o k e n phoenixes by actualize (Yamamoto/Gokudera, PG-13)

There were no more angels in his house. First his mother, then Yamamoto. There was no more innocence, only dust and decay.

The Physical Matter of Liking Someone by alterspring (Yamamoto/Gokudera, PG-13)

It’s the quirks that he latches onto. It’s the quirks he can feel relaxed calling home, revisits in times of drunken distress, band-aids and antiseptic, a varnish that keeps his smile fresh. He captures the dandelion dust of fine details (has always had a flare for catching the most tangled pitches), but has no mind for fancy, sloping words that play turns of phrase built to charm— he’d prefer to read in between the lines, collect footnotes on the rest. Classics are simply old, and old men are the real treat; a thousand untold tales in each sinew of a crow’s foot, wrinkled eyes and smoother vision.

hey, there you are to me by parolacce (Yamamoto/Gokudera, PG-13)

Today, though - (the present): "Gokudera, Gokudera!" he hears and thinks he's gone crazy. He looks up to see himself in the reflection before an electronic train set. Too late; magic's gone. There's Yamamoto; he's always been a little plain in clothes.

Stitches by pollina (Yamamoto/Gokudera, PG-13)

So Gokudera had taken out the whole fucking lot of them. Double bomb. Triple bomb. Rocket bomb and fire and smoke and screams and then bodies hitting the ground like shrapnel.

Untitled by Anonymous (Yamamoto/Gokudera, NC-17)

Part of the KHR kink meme.

He gripped the bed rails, his boney knuckles white, his rings scraping sharply against the bars, metal against metal. He was beyond caring at this point, all of him made incoherent by the sharp pain and familiar pleasure produced by this close contact with the other around him and inside him.

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